Treat your employees right, so they won't use your internet to search for a new job

- Mark Zuckerberg -

Contract, Permanent or Project-Based Software Developers

Hiring contract or permanent, and project-based of software developers, is really hard. It’s hard for many reasons and It’s not just the scarcity of good developers that are challenging. It’s also the difficulty of understanding their skills, judging their code, measuring cultural fit.

Hiring software developers can be a challenging task, heavy workloads, time-sensitive projects, and ever-changing technology make. It is even more important to make the right hire first.

Do you run into trouble hiring, or having not enough software developer staff, to tackle projects?

We offer short or long-term contract, permanent, and project-based software developers for the Indonesia region, we hire them and put them in your remote site or office across Indonesia.

Our service starts from junior to middle of the software developers’ skills and experience level.

With years of experience in our field, we understand your needs and offer highly skilled and expert developers who will help you concentrate on your core business.

We have highly-trained personnel your business requires to help you meet your operational goals, we believe that our software developer staffing service geared toward supplying you with top-shelf talent.

What We Can Help

Augment your team with the resources for a short or long duration, or permanent.

Recruit candidates to fill the permanent position on your team.

Cover projects that your team is too busy, or lacks the skill to take.

Technologies We Serve


Get experienced, dedicated, and full-stack of Android developers.


Get experienced and dedicated iOS developers.


Get experienced, dedicated, and full-stack of PHP framework, CSS, Javascript, Java, JQuery, ReactJs developers.

Candidate Spesifications

  • Experience 0-1 year
  • Master up to 4 programming languages
  • Able to make simple Android-based application
  • Need supervision for more complicated application
  • Experience 1-2 years
  • With at least 5 project involvements
  • Master more than 4 programming languages
  • Able to create more complex Android and iOS-based applications without supervision
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