PrimeSign is one of our prime products that helps people to signing any kind of documents digitally and securely without there being need to be physically present at the place where signature is required.

PrimeSign is compliant with The Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (UU ITE 2008). All signatures you create with PrimeSign are legally binding and are recognized in court.

Track your document through every step of the process. PrimeSign maintains complete automated history of every activity of a document.

There are many PKI software in the world. We are one of the authorized reseller partner of EJBCA Products and Utimaco Products

There are many ways that you can implement and architect a PKI solution, ranging from simple and low cost, to very complex and costly, below is a simple Public CA architecture.

This simple example architecture has 2 sites (DC and DR). Surrounding application is a client facing app (can be a web or mobile app) Document Signing Service is an API that communicate with PKI systems.

In this example we use CA, VA, RA and SS also 2 HSM for root and certificate signing.

PrimeSign is a system that acts as a surrounding application and also a Document signing service.

PrimeSign API will communicate with backend services such as: SignServer, External RA and VA.

Key Features
Core & B2B Client (Internal and Retail)
Certificate management
Account and user
Request & Document Signing
Notification, Reminder & Dashboard
And many more.
Two Levels Architecture

PrimeSign Core is The main system that communicates and is located in the same network with the PKI systems.

PrimeSign Core do remote synchronization to all B2B Clients.

PrimeSign Core has fully remote control to all B2B Clients.

B2B Client

Can only be used for internal purposes only.


Can use for both internal and external (retail) users.

B2B Client only need PrimeSign to have secure document digital signature from Core. All documents to be signed or signed are stored locally on each B2B Client. The main advantage is that the original file does not need to be sent to the Core.


In today’s hyper-connected world, traditional methods of signing and authenticating documents are increasingly being replaced by technological innovations such as digital signatures.

Added security & Legally binding, Unique identifying fingerprint data in a digital signature remains permanently embedded within a document. Signs that someone has tampered with or altered a document signing it can be easily detected.
Fast turnaround, Employee at companies using traditional signature have to do many steps, using this technique document can get signed with a click of a button.
Cost saving, The implementation of digitalization has a cost but in the long run, you will end up saving money.
With digital signature, printing and sending paper documents is unnecessary.
Workflow efficiency, Within lesser delays, these signatures ensure better efficiency in workflow. Managing and tracking documents is easier and faster.
Strengthen security, Digital signatures reduce the risk of duplication or alteration of the document itself and ensure that signature are verified and legitimate because each of them is protected with a tamper-evident seal.

Increase storage space, Due to the fact that digital files are stored in virtual servers connected to the IT network or in the cloud, you don’t need to keep your office storage cabinets filled with paper files, so your office have more available space for other things.
Access from anywhere and at any time, Either outside from the office or from home, the digital signature brings the advantage of being able to be used where necessary.
Audit Trails, In business, the ability to trace documents to their original is crucial, not only for internal records, but also for the sake of transparency, compliance and protection of company information, PrimeSign’s workflow system provides business with a full digital audit trail.

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