“If you're scared of artificial intelligence, you should know it's already everywhere.”

- Rob Verger -

Voice and Speech Recognition AI

Introducing Prime – Voice and Speech Recognition AI, that will helps you to automate customer service process, it works to remind your customers, and unlike humans, it would run consistently as time scheduled, never forget and it does not have mood, so they are always courteous, friendly, kind, mannerly and, full of energy at all the time to anyone. 

Prime – Voice & Speech AI is the Voice and Speech Artificial Intelligence that converts text to human voice, and it integrates with an internet telephony system to call at the time scheduled and speak as in predefined text with your customer. 

100% human-like and create new customer experiences that earn loyalty and trust

 Your customer will feels like talking with a human agent, but we still advice them to always introduce the name of their voice bot name when starting the conversation.


  • Answering machine detection (AMD) feature that will determines whether a machine (voicemail answering machine) or a human answered the call
  • Upload contact list .xlsx template or using our Secured Open API
  • One way speak or AI voice bot style interactive conversation
  • Daily email report
  • Fully customizable for your next integration process
  • Supported Languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia (Male and Female)

 Let AI do the repetition and boring job and keep your customers happy. 

Use Case Scenario

General Insurance

  • To remind and confirm policy renewal
  • To remind policy payment
  • Promotions
  • Etc.


  • Medical treatment reminder to patients
  • Notifications
  • Promotions
  • Etc.

Financial Institution

  • To remind credit card/loan due date to debtor
  • Promotions
  • Etc.

Car Repair Station

  • Car Maintenance reminder to car owner
  • Promotions
  • Etc.
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